One of the most superb roses created in the history of perfumery. We call it our ROSE OF
ISTANBUL 88726/D. We are the only company in the world selling it. I received as a treasure from my teacher who received as a treasure from his teacher. A lovely piece of olfactory art. Pure Art! This rose, a really touching one it was first used it in Creed‘s Citrus Bigarrade, the fragrance used by the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas the II Romanov. It was used inL’Origan by Coty and in La Rose Jacqueminot. After it was used in the original formulae of Chanel Nr. 5, Arpège de Lanvin, Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron, Lavender Yardley, Femme de Rochas, it was used in one of the bases of the original Paco Rabanne pour Homme. It was used too in Miss Dior and it was also used in Eau de Cologne by Atkinson‘s, which was by the way the starting point of Eau Sauvage although Eau de Cologne by Atkinson’s had Musk Ambrette and Eau Sauvage has no musk at all. Later in 1968 it was used in Norell by Norell, then in Ultraviolet for ladies, in Gianfranco Ferré for Ladies, in Allure by Chanel for Ladies, in Noa by Cacharel, lately in Goldea by Bulgari and I used a in a great Middle East Mukhallat called Sabah, one of the most beautiful in the rich and characteristic perfumery of the GCC Countries where Rose of Istanbul 88726/D is mixed with many top quality Attars amongst them Amber, Shamama, Motia and Saffron! I used it and use it a bit everywhere. As you see it is almost a „Sacred“ Rose. Together with Wardia and one of the white roses used in Detchéma by Revillion, is classical and real. What is “heart” in the fine arts it is always closely united to the finest of our civilization!
Arcadi Boix Camps

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